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Website Design & Development

Before I go anywhere near Photoshop, or begin wire-framing a mock up of your new website, I will first have questions, research and planning to take care care of. This is an integral part of the process which helps me to understand your goals, preferences...

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Domain Registration

If you already have a domain name, that’s great! If you don’t, that is no problem. If you want Yowie Websites to arrange for your domain registration I can do that for you, some of my packages even include domain registration for the first year! Too easy. If however,...

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If you are looking for a content management system,Yowie Websites can set you up with WordPress.There are a multitude of WordPress themes floating around and you are sure to find one which appeals to you and suits your purpose.If you find one you like but there are...

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Have some products you would like to sell online? Yowie Websites can set you up with an eCommerce store that meets your needs.Take a look at the store I have set up for Trojan Fibreglass Online

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Website Care Plans (Maintenance)

Website Care is offered as a service to clients of Yowie Webs. Perhaps you need regular updates and just don’t have the time. No problem! Yowie Websites has a selection of Website Care Plans for you to choose from, freeing you up to spend more time on your business...

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If you are looking for a website I would say that it’s a fairly safe bet that you are hoping to be found in the search engines, Google in particular. Yowie Webs will create your website with this in mind and submit your site to Google so in no time you will be popping...

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Email setup

More than likely, once you have your business website it would be a nice touch to have an email address @yourdomain. Yowie Webs can set this up for you to enhance your professional appearance and strengthen your branding. Instructions for accessing your email or...

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Don't see what you want?

If you don’t see what you are after no worries. Drop me a line and I’m sure we can sort something out.

All my websites are responsiveadjusts to different screen resolutions.

When I build a website, whether it is a static websiteContains fixed content and is coded in HTML & displays the same information to every visitor built with html5 and css3 or a fully fledged content management systemenables the creation, editing and deleting of content on a website by multiple people with little or no coding knowledge at various permissions levels e.g. editor, admin, subscriber etc. such as WordPress, it is ALWAYS responsiveadjusts to different screen resolutions. I do not charge extra for that… responsiveadjusts to different screen resolutions is my ‘norm’.

The Process

I truly understand that the process of your own business website creation can be a daunting experience so I have provided a bit of insight into the process.

I hope you find it helpful in understanding what to expect.Please feel free to contact me if there is anything at all you need to know. I want your experience with Yowie Websites to be as stress-free as possible.
Research Phase
I will discuss your website project with you and clarify your expectations as well as any website project requirements.
This phase is all about learning exactly what is needed for you, your business and your clients.
Design Phase
Depending on the size of the project, I will produce a mock up of your new site for you to view, suggest changes or approve.
This process may take place several times until we arrive at a version which you wish to keep.
Development Phase
The development phase involves writing the code, creating the functionality, in other words the development of a working site which mirrors the mock up created in the design phase of the website project.
Testing Phase
Once you have decided you are happy with your new business website I will commence the testing phase which involves the site being put into my live development area and I will send you login details to access your working site to give it a test drive and check that you are happy with the functionality e.g the navigation, contact forms, gallery etc.
Once it is approved I will set a time to go live and launch your site.
A period of one month from the official launch is given in which time I will make minor changes free of charge e.g. changing text, an extra image or two (supplied by you, the client)
After this time period, all expenses for all changes become the responsibility of the client.
So now what?
So, who is going to look after your website now? Update, check security etc.
I wonder if you have given this question any thought.
Many of my clients opt to sign up with one of my Website Care Plans and have me do it for them.
Perhaps that is something you might be interested in…